Danielle and the CHEERFIT team personally invite you to join the amazing community and become a CHEERFIT Ambassador!

Danielle Donovan
Founder & CEO of CHEERFIT

Being a CHEERFIT Ambassador means that you are an inspiration to your team, a leader in your community and a true motivation for others.

This is an incredible opportunity that we would love for you to be a part of. We can’t wait for you to join us and your CHEERFIT Ambassador community!

Ambassador Benefits:






I love the family that I have now to help me with this journey of getting fit – I am inspired and motivated everyday! I love knowing that I can ask any question and also feel supported and encouraged to reach my goals. Being an ambassador has helped me gain flexibility in my back and inspire others through my story. I’ve been staying in my stunts better and have had less pain with every tumble pass. I feel confident and extremely motivated to not only reach my goals, but help inspire others through my cheer & fitness journey.

-CHEERFIT Ambassador Emma Barclay

Since becoming a CHEERFIT Ambassador I’ve…

“Since becoming a CHEERFIT Ambassador my confidence level has drastically increased. I’m more social and I truly enjoy being an inspiration to others. When I put on my CHEERFIT gear I feel like I’m about to make a BIG difference in the world.” – Analla / Ambassador since May 2016

“Being a CHEERFIT Ambassador has created a whole new network of athletes for me to be able to communicate with.  I love that we lift each other up and support eachother.” – Belle Fabian / Ambassador since August 2016

“I’ve noticed that I’ve had so much more self belief in myself as a level 5 athlete – both mentally and physically. I’ve seen lots of progress in tumbling and also stunting. I just love just being part of an amazing family.” – Chloe / Ambassador since January 2017

“My confidence level has increased, and my tumbling, stunting, and flexibility skills have improved so much just over the past year. I have been able to meet so many new people, and help a lot of them along the way” – Serenity / Ambassador since September 2016


  • Accept and activate your status to become an official CHEERFIT Ambassador

  • Once you activated your status, you will receive a welcome email complete with:

  • Club access (facebook groups, GroupMe groups, meet up invites & more)

  • Free bonus workouts, fit tips, motivation & community support

  • Photoshoots and media opportunities

  • Instructions to connect and meet your CHEERFIT Ambassadors from across the world

To tell you a bit more – with an activated membership (only $4.99/month, can cancel anytime), you not only get access to the club – but also you get instant access to exclusive cheer offers and discounts, membership perks, free swag, amazing community, photoshoots, media opportunities and more! 


Monthly Subscription

$4.99 / month

$ 4.99 / month Sign Up Now

month-month means no risk, cancel anytime

*recurring monthly

Annual Subscription

$49.99 / year

$ 49.99 / year Sign Up Now

$10 Savings (get 12 months for the price of 10)

*recurring annually

**IMPORTANT: After activating be sure to check your email for next steps + receive information about how to get started on this amazing journey.



After activating, enjoy your FREE 30-day access pass to the official CHEERFIT Workout Plan ($60 value)  – complete with everything you need to be fit, confident, and #cheerfitstrong.


24/7 access to connect & share your story with CHEERFIT Ambassadors from all over the world. Be inspired, motivated, and encouraged from others just like YOU.


A featured spot on our site and dedicated social media announcements to highlight your accomplishments.



Through the club, receive CHEERFIT’s insider secrets and fitness expertise – you can even schedule 1 on 1 check-in calls with Danielle and our fitness team! 



You’ll be the first to know about new program launches, upcoming events, contests, and more!

Hear from our Ambassadors of the Week:

Have questions? We’ve got your answers. 

What does it mean to be a CHEERFIT Ambassador?

Being a cheerFIT Ambassador means you are:

  • Motivator on your team
  • Love everything cheer and fitness
  • Have the passion and leadership skills to inspire those around you
  • Dedicated to raising awareness that cheerleaders need fitness to build strength in both body and mind
What are the benefits of being a CHEERFIT Ambassador?

As a CHEERFIT Ambassador you get:

  • Opportunity to connect to ambassadors from all over the world and to be a part of this amazing community
  • Recognition as a leader in the cheer community and inspiration to your team
  • Opportunity to get free swag, join ambassador contests, win great prizes and get discounts from other great cheer companies in (PinUps Ponies, BEACHGIRL Bands, etc..)
  • Receive 1 month of complete access to the official cheerFIT Workout Plan ($60 value) for FREE!!
  • Media exposure, website features, photoshoot opportunities, and leadership roles
  • Join the pop up workouts and meet ups and competition
Why is there a small fee to become an ambassador?

Here at CHEERFIT we are more than just a workout brand – we are a community, a lifestyle, and an inspiration. We believe the best way to inspire, motivate and share your story is through community.  That is why we have created the CHEERFIT Ambassador Club and require our ambassadors to be a part of this community. – your go to place share your story, stay motivated, meet your ambassador team and more.

We dedicate our time to keeping this community absolutely safe, supporting, and exclusive to only our CHEERFIT ambassadors and their parent/guardian. 

Additionally, in this community we  provide our ambassadors with the tools they need to stay motivated, inspired and supported to reach their goals – and inspires other along the way.  





Do I have to pay in order to be a CHEERFIT Ambassador?

The small monthly fee is required in order to become an official CHEERFIT Ambassador. We dedicate our time to keeping the community absolutely safe and exclusive to only our CHEERFIT ambassadors and their parent/guardian.  Additionally, in the community is where we share:

  • Daily fit tips and access to the CHEERIFT workouts
  • Media exposure and photoshoot opportunities
  • Community motivation and support
  • Host weekly discussions and monthly online meetings

If you can’t join at the moment, not a problem – we are still here for you and invite you to follow our free content and info posted on social media.

Definitely keep in touch, and when you are ready to activate your membership to become an official CHEERFIT Ambassador, you can do so at any time and feel free to email us at

What is your cancellation policy?

The Ambassador membership is month to month, which means if this program is not for you – not a problem! You can update your account and cancel your membership at any time – although we think you will love it : )

Who is a CHEERFIT Ambassador?
  • Our Ambassadors are:
  • – Passionate about fitness, former athletes, or anyone who wants to live the CHEERFIT lifestyle and share with the world that cheerleaders need fitness!
    – Have the leadership skills and would make a great addition to the CHEERFIT community
    – Have a passion to motivate and inspire others and have a positive impact on their team/community


What happens after I activate my ambassador status?

Once you activate your status you will receive a welcome email with get stared info, complete with:

  • Invite to the private ambasador facebook group and GroupMe chat
  • Free mont of official CHEERFIT workouts
  • Info to be featured on the website
  • Photoshoot opportunity(coming this February)
  • Meet ups and and pop up workouts at competitions
  • Discounts &even more perks for being a CHEERFIT Ambassador!

This is an incredible opportunity that we would  love for you to be a part of. I personally invite you to join us and your CHEERFIT Ambassador Team!


As a cheerFIT Ambassador we encourage you to:

  • Help us spread the awareness that cheerleaders need fitness to help build strength in both body and mind.
  • Wear your title proud- add cheerFIT Ambassador to your social media profiles (this is something to be proud of!)
  • Motivate & Inspire- post you doing your  cheerFIT workouts and encourage your community to get #cheerfitstrong
  • Join the cheerFIT Challenges- post your results and tag others to join the fun
  • Share your story and fitness journey


  • Connect with other ambassadors from all over the world. The ambassador club is your go-to community to share your story…a place to stay motivated, meet your ambassador team and more! *Club access given after you activate your cheerFIT status
  • Be recognized as a leader in your team and community
  • Get featured on our website and highlighted in our social media posts
  • Opportunities for media exposure, press events, and pop up meet & greets
  • Bonus fit tips, free workouts, product giveaways, discounts and more
  • Receive tons of support, coaching & training from fellow community members and Danielle herself

We can’t wait for you to join us and be part of the CHEERFIT Ambassador Team. Your opportunity awaits.  


“Hey Danielle! I have a story to share with you, I was recently diagnosed with bad scoliosis. The doctor said the only way to fix it, would be to use surgery and I would be out of sports for 12 months. Well, we went back today, and he said thankfully with all the continuous stretching and the CHEERFIT workouts I have been doing, a miracle from happened. I do not need surgery and I still can cheer!
I am overjoyed, and so blessed to be apart of CHEERFIT, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be getting this amazing news!!”

-Michele Lennan

(CHEERFIT Ambassador)


“Something soooo amazing happened last night for Allura! She unblocked 100% on her mental block.  She couldn’t backward tumble at all for the last 9 months. Tonight she unblocked, and her walls of her own mind came tumbling down.  

What a huge break through. She is so ecstatic. I wanted to thank CHEERFIT for the awesome tips and for helping her stay strong physically as she struggled with this and to have a strong mind!!!

She is sooo CHEERFIT in her mind and body!!!” 

-Beth Gardner

(proud mom of CHEERFIT Ambassador)


“At the beginning of the month @silverstar_clarajoyce wrote on her CHEERFIT goal sheet that she wanted to get her front handspring. She started working on it at the end of January, and last night she did it on the floor at her gym  I love that this program encourages and trains all ages of athletes!”

-Clara & Jewles

(CHEERFIT Ambassador & mom)


“My favorite part about being a CHEERFIT Ambassador is meeting new people and spreading the word that cheerleaders need fitness! Being part of the CHEERFIT ambassador family has helped me have the confidence to try new skills. I love the community, motivation, and all the amazing people I have met through CHEERFIT” 

-Calista Colwell

(CHEERFIT Ambassador)


“We just want to thank you for such an awesome program to encourage athletes of all ages to say fit and active. Izzy loves fitness and cheerleading- so this is a perfect program for her!!

She is stronger everyday and absolutely loves being a CHEERFIT Ambassador!” 

-Ronda & Izzy

(CHEERFIT Ambassador & mom)


We welcome you join the CHEERFIT Ambassador team, and share your story with the world.  Within just a few minutes of activating your status, you’ll be instantly connected to all the exciting opportunities ahead – meet your CHEERFIT Ambasador family, get in on ambassador perks, free workouts, swag & more!

We invite you to take the next step of your cheer and fitness journey and become a CHEERFIT Ambassador Today!